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Muridale Advance 307C
(pictured at 12 months)

Hazelgreen Samurai
(pictured at 12 months)


Muridale Murango 18X
(pictured at 9 months)


(pictured as a 3 year old)


 Murango's sire: Muridale Buster 14K





                                                    Saskvalley Income 267X
      Sire: Saskvalley Oatmeal 4Z   
                                                     Saskvalley Sindy 2X

                                                     Saskvalley Bonanza 219M
      Dam: Muridale Molinari 29Y
                                                     Muridale Molinari 8P

                                                     Saskvalley Primo 40P
      Sire: Alta Cedar Samurai 46T   
                                                     Alta Cedar Lilian 88G

                                                     ST Powerhouse 12P
      Dam: Hazelgreen Lady Satin 4S
                                                     Evergreen Precious 21P

                                                    Eionmor Ideal 69F X

      Sire: Muridale Buster 14K       
                                                     Muridale Robin 57G X

                                                     Alta Cedar Ultimate 130K
      Dam: Muridale Ida 6P
                                                     Muridale P B Iris 8J

   Murango displays the depth of body, overall volume, and structional correctness
   that we are constantly searching for. His dam is one of the deepest bodied
   females we have seen and being a "Buster", we're excited about his future! 



Muridale Touchdown 63T


               Muridale Touchdown 63T - TH Free


   Saskvalley Bonanza 219M
   Sire of Muridale Touchdown:
   Saskvalley Bonanza 219M
- TH Free






     Touchdown on early summer pasture as a three
     year old.








     Touchdown on late summer pasture as a four
     year old before the fall breeding season weighing
     2,500 lbs. He is siring calves with performance as
     well as structural correctness.




 Our 2006 - 2009 calf crops were sired by:

Muridale Grecko 18P

    (Thanks to Ian Lockerby, RR#5 Kensington, P.E.I.
    for purchasing Muridale Grecko to head his Beech
    Point Shorthorn herd)


    We purchased Muridale Grecko 18P from
     the Muri brothers at Agribition 2004 where
     he was shown as a calf.
     Born in February, Grecko weighed 952 lbs.
     at  Agribition in November with a WPDA of
     3.31 lbs.
     We liked his volume and knew he would
     be an asset to our breeding program.

      His sons are starting to be noticed for their
      structural correctness as well as their carcass
      quality. (Average carcass wt. of 765 lbs. on 10
      steers, with 9 grading AAA, 1 grading AA with
      a 58% Lean Meat Yield.)

      Grecko is TH free.




    Grecko on late summer pasture as a two
     year old after breeding 42 females.

                   Muridale Grecko - TH free

  Sire of Muridale Grecko: Alta Cedar Ultimate 130K - TH free


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